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<li><b>June 28, 2011 &ndash; We're moving!</b>
We are planing on moving the BPEL Designer project from
<a href="">Technology project</a>
to the
<a href="">SOA top-level project</a>.
The restructuring document which outlines the details of this move can be found
<a href="">in the project wiki, here</a>.
This web page will be updated as we get closer to the move date.
<li><b>Mar. 10, 2011 &ndash; Updated extension activity samples.</b>
Several of you in the community have been asking about extension activities and how to
more fully integrate them with the editor.
The updated sample code includes extended property section tabs for the simple and
structured extension activities as well as exemplary code demonstrating how to handle
references to the existing BPEL model.
The sample plug-ins can be found here in the
<a class="www" href="">Git repository</a>
<li><b>Feb. 15, 2011 &ndash; Proposal for UI enhancements.</b>
One of our committers has been busy thinking about how to improve the BPEL Designer user experience.
Read all about it
<a href="/$projectShortName/users/pdf/BPEL_UI_Enhancements_v1.0.pdf">here.</a>
<li><b>Feb. 14, 2011 &ndash; CVS Commit Notification Mailing List is now available.</b>
Please visit
<a class="www" href="">the Eclipse mailing list subscription page</a>
to sign up.
<li><b>Sept. 17, 2010 &ndash; Good news everyone!</b>
<a class="www" href=$update_site target="download">update site</a>
has been updated and we are now doing nightly builds.
The previous build (0.4.0) is still <a class="www" href=$update_site-M4 target="download">available here.</a>
<li><b>Sept. 10, 2010 &ndash; Next milestone plan (M5) announced</b>
A "code stabilization" plan is in the works. <a href="/$projectShortName/users/m5.php">Check it out here</a>.
<a href="">Comments and suggestions are always welcome!</a>
<li><b>Sept. 7, 2010 &ndash; New project website is up!</b>
If you can read this and your browser hasn't crashed yet, life is good :)
<li><b>Sept. 1, 2010 &ndash; M4 release is available</b>
Check out the latest
<a href="/$projectShortName/users/m4.php">bug fixes and enhancements.</a>
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