Updated N&N and uploaded the 1.0 release review doc
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 				<li><b>April 12, 2012 &ndash; BPEL Designer is graduating!</b>
 				OK, so we missed the M6 milestone by a year, but a version 1.0 release review is finally in the works
-				and is scheduled to be completed by April 23, 2012. Now it's time to reset the
+				and is scheduled for April 23, 2012. Please refer to the
+				<a href="/bpel/docs/BPEL-1.0-ReleaseReview.pdf">review documentation, here</a>/
+				Now it's time to reset the
 				<a href="/bpel/developers/milestone_plan.php">milestone plan</a> and figure out
 				where we want to be a year from now. Please post your suggestions and comments
 				on the <a href="http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=43">BPEL Forum</a>
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 		<div class="homeitem3col">
 			<h3>What's new</h3>
+                <li><a href="users/m6.php">M6 Information</a>  <span class="dates">04/12/2012</span></li>			
+                <li><a href="users/m5.php">M5 Information</a>  <span class="dates">01/01/2011</span></li>			
                 <li><a href="users/m4.php">M4 Information</a>  <span class="dates">09/01/2010</span></li>			
 				<li><a href="users/m3.php">M3 Information</a>  <span class="dates">06/29/2007</span></li>			
 				<li><a href="users/m2.php">M2 Information</a>  <span class="dates">11/28/2006</span></li>