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<title>Eclipse News Feeds</title>
<dateCreated>Nov 27 2006 11:15:00 EST</dateCreated>
<dateModified>Nov 27 2006 11:15:00 EST</dateModified>
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<outline text=" Feeds">
<outline text="Eclipse Foundation News" description="Press releases bulletins from the Eclipse Foundation" type="rss" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Eclipse In The News" description="Press Releases about Eclipse" type="rss" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Eclipse Projects" description="Eclipse Proposals and Reviews" type="rss" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Eclipse Downloads" description="See the latest Eclipse Project Releases." type="rss" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text=" Feeds">
<outline text="Eclipse Marketplace" description="EEclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products Updates" type="rss" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="PlanetEclipse" description="Feeds from Planet Eclipse Blogs" type="rss" xmlUrl=""/>