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<h1>Eclipse Corporate Sponsors</h1>
<p>The Eclipse Foundation relies on the support of our members and contributions from the user community to service and grow the Eclipse ecosystem.
We'd like to thank the following Corporate Sponsors who have generously supported the Eclipse community. </p>
<p>We encourage large corporate users of Eclipse to
support the community by
<a href="/membership/">becoming members</a>
and/or joining the <a href="corp_sponsor_details.php">Corporate Sponsorship Program</a>.
<h3>Gold Sponsors</h3>
<div class="imageBlock">
<img alt="Google" src=""/>
<img alt="Novell" src=""/>
<h3>Silver Sponsors</h3>
<div class="imageBlock">
<img alt="IBM" src=""/>
<img alt="Debeka" src="" width="140"/>
<img alt="DE Shaw" src="" width="140"/>
<img src=""/>
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<h6>Supporting Eclipse</h6>
<div class="modal noBG">
<li class="">
<a href="" class="link">Eclipse Members</a><br/>
<li class="">
<a href="" class="link">Friends of Eclipse</a><br/>
<li class="">
<a href="corp_sponsor_details.php" class="link">Become a Corporate Sponsor</a><br/>
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