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<release projectid="emf.diffmerge" version="0.1.0" />
<html:p>EMF Diff/Merge is a diff/merge tool for models that emphasizes consistent merging based on consistency rules. This EMF sub-project is in Incubation.</html:p>
<html:div>An EMF Diff/Merge deliverable contains a diff/merge engine and a sample GUI. The release deliverables have the same form as is found in most Eclipse projects:
<html:li>An update site providing access to all the plug-ins, sources and documentation;</html:li>
<html:li>A downloadable archive of this update site.</html:li>
<milestone date="06/11/2012" milestone="EMF Diff/Merge 0.1.0"></milestone>
<milestone date="26/06/2013" milestone="EMF Diff/Merge 0.2.0_Kepler"></milestone>
<html:p>EMF Diff/Merge runs on Eclipse 3.6 / 3.7 / 4.2 / 4.3 and requires Java 5.x or 6.</html:p>
None of the EMF Diff/Merge deliverables are internationalized.
<theme name="Diff/Merge Engine and sample GUI">
<html:li>Robustness and performance. Although the tool has been extensively used in certain usage scenarios (versioning, model refactoring), experiments in different scenarios are expected to lead to improvements and fixes.</html:li>
<html:li>GUI integrability. A few experiments have been made where EMF Diff/Merge GUI elements are integrated into a third-party application. The GUI code can be improved so that integration be simpler.</html:li>
<html:li>Openness. EMF Diff/Merge currently has its own relation-style difference model. Integration into, e.g., existing model repositories requires the ability to deal with third-party, action-style difference models.</html:li>