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<h2>Install a JVM</h2>
<p>Regardless of your operating system, you will need to install a Java virtual machine.</p>
<li>If using Windows, you may already have one installed, but upgrading won't hurt.</li>
<li>If using Linux, <a href="">read this</a> -- GCJ will <b>NOT</b> work.</li>
<p>Consider an <a href="">IBM JRE</a> or a <a href="">Sun JRE</a>. Note that if you are on a 64-bit platform and are using a 64-bit JRE, you need to use a 64-bit Eclipse build.</p>
<h2>Install Latest DLTK release</h2>
<p>Latest DLTK release is 3.0.1</p>
<dt>JVM</dt><dd>minimum version is 5.0</dd>
<dt>Eclipse</dt><dd>minimum version is 3.6</dd>
<h3>Installing from update site</h3>
<li>Install JVM</li>
<li>Get Eclipse. There are different <a href="">packages</a> available. The minimal one is <a href="">Platform Runtime Binary</a></li>
<li>Available update sites
<li><tt></tt> - if using Eclipse 3.7 / Indigo this update site is already listed in Eclipse as 'Indigo Update site'</li>
<h3>Downloading zip bundles manually</h3>
<p>Navigate to the <a href="">DLTK 3.0.1 download area</a></p>
<p>Download appropriate zip bundles and their dependencies and unzip into subfolders of your installation <tt>dropins/</tt> folder.</p>
<h2>Install other builds</h2>
<p>Navigate to <a href="">DTLK downloads</a> and select any of the builds</p>
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