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$BEA = new companyInfo("BEA", "images/bea.jpg", "<div style='position:relative;margin-bottom:-10px;'> No joke bandwidth by <img style='clear:none;position:relative;top:5px;' src='images/akamai.PNG'>. The #1 Commercial Eclipse based tool by BEA.</div>", "Eclipse for Java Developers, Classic, and WTP All-In-One", "redirect.php?A=BEA", 300, 1);
$Innoopract = new companyInfo("Yoxos", "images/innoopract.jpg", "Web 2.0 download portal with largest plugin selection available, download configurator with automatic dependency resolving and a FREE update service to keep your entire Eclipse installation always up-to-date.", "All", "redirect.php?A=Innoopract", 300, 1);
$Obeo = new companyInfo("Obeo", "images/obeo.png", "Europa SDK download and special modeling bundles including EMF, GMF, Acceleo...", "Eclipse Europa, EMF, GMF", "redirect.php?A=Obeo", 100, 1);
$NexB = new companyInfo("nexB", "images/nexb.jpg", "Get easy to install Eclipse based distros and open source plugins with EasyEclipse", "All", "redirect.php?A=NexB", 100, 1);
//$WWIM = new companyInfo("Weigle Wilczek - Information Management", "images/wilczek.jpg", "German and Russian servers.", "All", "redirect.php?A=WWIM", 100, 1);
$IBM = new companyInfo("IBM", "images/ibm.jpg", "Free, no-registration-necessary Europa bundles ready-to-use. Let IBM help you jump-start your next Eclipse project.", "Java EE, Testing, Modeling, Enterprise Bundles", "redirect.php?A=IBM", 100, 1);
//$ACTUATE = new companyInfo("Actuate", "images/actuate.PNG", "Download servers at China with translated download pages.", "Projects: SDK (English), BIRT All-in-one.", "redirect.php?A=ACT", 50, 1);
//$ROWE = new companyInfo("RoweBots", "images/rowebotsLogo.jpg", "Complete C/C++ IDE for Embedded System Development Including Compiler Tool Chains, Full Support and Single Click Install. FREE No registration required.", "Eclipse Europa Embedded Systems Download", "redirect.php?A=ROW", 50, 1);
$GENUITEC = new companyInfo ("Genuitec, LLC", "images/myeclipselogo.gif", "Eclipse SDK for Windows, Linux, Mac. MyEclipse J2EE IDE for $30. Serving worldwide from USA and London, UK.", "Eclipse Europa", "redirect.php?A=Genuitec", 300, 1);
$OAW = new companyInfo("Gentleware AG and the oAW team", "images/oaw-gw.jpg", " The oAW Eclipse Distribution. All you need to get started on MDSD with openArchitectureWare and Eclipse.", "Eclipse Europa, oAW, EMF, GMF, UML2", "redirect.php?A=OAW", 100, 1);
$CODEGEAR = new companyInfo("CodeGear", "images/codegear.gif", "<div style='position:relative;margin-bottom:-10px;'>Free, fast download of Eclipse Europa for Windows, Linux, Mac. <img style='clear:none;position:relative;top:5px;' src='images/akamai.PNG'><br/> Advanced JBuilder IDE and JGear plug-ins for Java development.</div>", "Eclipse Europa", "redirect.php?A=CODEGEAR", 300, 1);
$CRYSTAL = new companyInfo("Business Objects", "images/businessObject.gif", "Free download, Crystal Reports for Eclipse. Includes Crystal Report designer, and runtime engine.", "Eclipse Europa", "redirect.php?A=BO", 100, 1);
$INNOVATIONS = new companyInfo("Innovations", "images/innovations.gif", "Download Visual Rules for Eclipse, the only exclusively graphical Business Rules Management System. Free trial.", "Eclipse Europa", "redirect.php?A=Innovations", 100, 1);
$INTALIO = new companyInfo("Intalio", "images/intalio.png", "Free download of Intalio|Designer, process modeling and execution for business analysts and IT specialists.", "Eclipse Europa SDK, SOA Tools BPMN modeler and Babel messages editor", "redirect.php?A=Intalio", 100, 1);
$ITEMIS = new companyInfo("Itemis", "images/itemis.gif", "Free, fast download of Eclipse Europa for modelers and software architects, including EMF, Xtext and openArchitectureWare.", "EMF, UML2, OCL, Xtext, openArchitectureWare, Mylyn", "redirect.php?A=Itemis", 100, 1);
$POLARION = new companyInfo("Polarion", "images/polarion64.jpg", "Eclipse SDK + Subversive, free integrated tracker/vcs/collaboration tool, free SVN tools, and more!", "Europa, Subversive and more!", "redirect.php?A=Polarion", 100, 1);
$companyinfo = array(&$POLARION, &$Innoopract, &$Obeo, &$GENUITEC, &$BEA, &$IBM, &$OAW, &$CODEGEAR, &$CRYSTAL, &$INNOVATIONS, &$INTALIO, &$ITEMIS /* &$WWIM,&$ROWE, &$NexB, &$ACTUATE,*/ );