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<font class="indextop style">eclipse communication framework</font>
<font class="indexsub">an eclipse technology subproject</font>
<font class="indextop style2">New and Noteworthy</font><br>0.8.8 Stable Release</font>
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<B>IRC Provider Support for User Autocomplete</B>
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<P>Added user name autocomplete. Name completion is triggered after entering first character of name and then hitting tab to cycle through users with given first letter.
Thanks to Remy Suen for
providing this improvement.<br><br>
<IMG src="images/screens/ircuserautocomplete.png">
This plugin is available via the <a href="">ECF Extras site at the OSU Open Source Lab</a>. Note
that this plugin and others available via the ECF Extras Site is not currently distributed under the Eclipse Public License.