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<h3 style="color:#fff;background-image:url(/">ECF Project Milestone Plan</h3>
<div class="right"> Last modified on Feb 12, 2008 by slewis </div>
See <a href="">ECF Wiki</a> for further information about plans, sub-projects, meetings, etc.
See the <a href="">ECF Ganymede Roadmap</a>
for plans and schedules for the Ganymede Release.
ECF was part of the <a href="">Europa Simultaneous Release</a>.
We had our 1.0.0 release with the Europa release (June 29, 2007). ECF is now no longer in incubation, in accord with the
<a href="">Eclipse Development Process</a>.
Stay tuned here for details of features and bug fixes for each remaining milestone release (M6, M7, RCn).
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