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<h3>ECF Installation Instructions</h3>
<h4>Step 1:</h4>
<p>Begin the installation from the Eclipse Help menu item.</p>
<img src="images/install-1.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 2:</h4>
<p>This screenshot show the screen as it initially comes up. In this case
you will need to change the radio button to indicate that this is a new install.</p>
<img src="images/install-2.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 3:</h4>
<p>This screen will vary depending on the features you have installed already. You want
to click on the New Remote Site button.</p>
<img src="images/install-3.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 4:</h4>
<p>This screen is showing the New Remote Site dialog, filled in with the correct information
to install ECF</p>
Name: ECF
<img src="images/install-4.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 5:</h4>
<p>When you first come back to this screen, the site you added will NOT be selected. Be sure
to select it before clicking Next.</p>
<img src="images/install-5.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 6:</h4>
<p>This next screen shows all of the features that are available to install.</p>
<p><b>IMPORTANT: Please install both the 'Eclipse Communication Framework Core API' and
'Eclipse Communication Framework Application' features.</b></p>.
<img src="images/install-6.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 7:</h4>
<p>Click the button to accept the license agreement.</p>
<img src="images/install-7.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 8:</h4>
<p>Confirm the install location</p>
<img src="images/install-8.png" alt="Install screen" />
<h4>Step 9:</h4>
The ECF plugins will be downloaded and installed.
<h4>Step 10:</h4>
<p>Eclipse needs to be restarted after installing ECF.</p>
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