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<li><a href="downloads/examples/movedeletehook/">Move/Delete
Hook</a> example for Team providers.</li>
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The Platform/Core team has created a group of tools which help them when
developing code or trying to debug problems and investigate bug reports.
They have been developed as both plug-ins and headless utilities and are
available here for download. Also check the <a href="#updates">Update Site</a>.
<li><b>Core Tools <a href="downloads/tools/">v1.4.0</a></b>
- Updated version that works with the Eclipse 3.2 Release. The "Find Unreferenced Members"
tool has been improved to present results in the Search view, and to omit methods that override
a supertype method. Simply select a Java element in the Package Explorer
and choose "Find Unreferenced Members" from the context menu.</li>
<li><b>Core Tools <a href="downloads/tools/">v1.3.0</a></b>
- Updated version that works with the Eclipse 3.1 Release.</li>
<li><b>Core Tools <a href="downloads/tools/">v1.2.0</a>
</b>- Updated version that works with the Eclipse 3.1 M5a build and
later. Note that the plug-ins in this update are shipped as JARs. Yah!</li>
<li><b>Core Tools <a href="downloads/tools/">v1.1.0</a></b>
- The first version of the tools to run on the Eclipse 3.0 runtime.
This is mostly a port of the original tools but there are some new views
(e.g., Eclipse Preferences view). There may be some issues... Works
with org.eclipse.osgi from HEAD as of 20040505 or I builds starting
the week of 05/10.</li>
<li><b>Core Tools <a href="downloads/tools/">v1.0.2</a></b>
- This is the version of the core tools plugin that you should use for
Eclipse release 2.1. The core tools patch is not required for this version.
This update fixes a non binary-compatible change that was made within
org.eclipse.core.resources, and appearing in all builds since I20030128.
Some more information has also been added to the element tree spy. Fixes
have been added on 2003/09/23 to fix a concurrency problem.</li>
<li><b>Core Tools Patch <a href="downloads/tools/">v1.0.1</a></b>
- Apply this patch if you want to run the Core Tools on Eclipse builds
earlier than I20021127 (including 2.0.*). See the Core Tools install
notes for details.
<li><b>Core Tools <a href="downloads/tools/">v1.0.0</a></b>
- A series of runtime and resource related views and perspectives. The
runtime tools allow users to look which plugins and classes are loaded,
discover why/when they were loaded, etc. The resource tools expose the
behaviour/performance of builders and resource change listeners as well
as the structure of deltas, the workspace and resources. The metadata
tools allow you to inspect the data behind the scenes. To install on
Eclipse 2.0.* and 2.1 prior to I20021127, get the patch below. Otherwise,
just fetch this download, follow the instructions in the <a href="downloads/tools/readme.html">readme</a>
(also in the directory) and enjoy.</li>
<li><b><img src="images/new.gif" width="31" height="14">Upgraded for Eclipse 3.x. <a href="downloads/tools/">Workspace
Re-Builder</a></b> - Command-line utility program for basic restoration
of a corrupt workspace. This version will re-create your projects
for you but will not restore your metadata. Check out the <a href="downloads/tools/readme_restorer_3.0.0.html">readme</a>
for more details.</li>
<li><img src="images/new.gif" width="31" height="14"> <a href="downloads/tools/message_bundles/"><strong>JDT/UI
NLS Convertor v1.0.0</strong></a> - Tool to convert your message bundle
accessing to the new Eclipse 3.1 message bundle format. See the complete
documentation <a href="documents/3.1/message_bundles.html">here</a>.</li>
<li><img src="images/new.gif" width="31" height="14"> <a href="downloads/tools/"><strong>JAR
Convertor v1.0.0</strong></a> - Tool which JARs the plug-ins inside
an Eclipse install. For more information see <a href="documents/3.1/run_from_jars.html">this</a>
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<h3>Update site</h3>
The Core team has an update site where you can find various utility plug-ins:</p>
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<li>This is where you would find patches for current bugs. Currently there are no active patches.</li>
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<li>Jed's <a href="downloads/examples/autorefresh/">
Auto-refresh plug-in v2.1</a> from June 18, 2003. As <a href="">described</a>
on the platform-core-dev mailing list. For use with Eclipse 2.1 and
<li>Jed's <a href="downloads/examples/autorefresh/">Auto-refresh
plug-in</a> for versions of Eclipse prior to 2.1 as <a href="">described</a>
on the platform-core-dev mailing list.</li>
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<h6>Core links</h6>
<li><a href="index.php">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="documents.php">Documents</a></li>
<li><a href="downloads.php">Downloads</a></li>
<li><a href="resources.php">Resources</a></li>
<li><a href="planning.php">Planning</a></li>
<li><a href="testing.php">Testing</a></li>
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