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<p> The CVS plug-in is the result of contributions from a half-dozen
developers with the help of hundreds of users across the globe. Some of
the more prominent contributors are listed below in alphabetical order.</p>
<dt><b>Atsuhiko Yamanaka</b></dt>
<dd>JCraft to the rescue! Yamanaka-san is responsible for the SSH2 CVS
connection method and the JSch plugin.</dd></dl>
<dl><dt><b>Boris Bokowski</b></dt>
<dd>Boris was the first developer of the CVS plug-in. Helped make the
1.0 release possible and then moved on to creating <a
href="">Hype</a>. </dd></dl>
<dl><dt><b>Kevin McGuire</b></dt>
<dd>Kevin worked on the decorators and helping us ensure that the
architecture wasn't to complicated! </dd></dl>
<dl><dt>Michael Valenta</dt>
<dd>Mike is the CVS hacker extraordinaire. Worked on every part of the
<dl><dt>James Moody</dt>
<dd>James helped with the UI for the 2.0 release.</dd></dl>
<dl><dt>Jean-Michel Lemieux</dt>
<dd>Jean-Michel has been around since the begining working on pretty
much every part of the plug-in. Except when he is away on parental
leave :)</dd></dl>
<dl><dt>John Arthorne</dt>
<dd>John helped with the UI for the 1.0 release.</dd></dl>
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<h6>CVS Related Links</h6>
<li><a href="../index.php">CVS Main Page</a></li>
<li><a href="#">CVS FAQ Wiki</a></li>
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