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You can find team project set files on this page. See our <a href="">How to Contribute</a> wiki page for how to use these project set files.
<div class="homeitem3col">
<li>All of Platform UI+IDE HEAD: <a href="platform-ui-ide-HEAD-pserver.psf">platform-ui-ide-HEAD-pserver.psf</a></li>
<li>data binding HEAD: <a href="databinding-HEAD-pserver.psf">databinding-HEAD-pserver.psf</a></li>
<li>data binding 3.3 maintenance: <a href="databinding-3_3_maintenance-pserver.psf">databinding-3_3_maintenance-pserver.psf</a></li>
<li>All of Platform UI+IDE HEAD: <a href="platform-ui-ide-HEAD-extssh.psf">platform-ui-ide-HEAD-extssh.psf</a></li>
<li>data binding HEAD: <a href="databinding-HEAD-extssh.psf">databinding-HEAD-extssh.psf</a></li>
<li>data binding 3.3 maintenance: <a href="databinding-3_3_maintenance-extssh.psf">databinding-3_3_maintenance-extssh.psf</a></li>
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