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<p>There are different ways to get involved:</p>
rel="nofollow">File a bug</a></b> - file bugs and feature requests</li>
<li><b><a href=""
- use Gerrit Code Review to create and submit your patches</li>
<h3>How to setup your IDE</h3>
Get the latest
<a href="">Eclipse Modeling Tools</a>
for your platform.
Download the Zip of the latest Edapt release from the
<a href="">download section</a>
In your IDE go to Preferences => Plug-In Development => API Baselines and set the unzipped Edapt release as the API Baseline.
<p>Check out the Edapt source code from</p>
<p><code>git://</code> (anonymous)</p>
<p><code>ssh://</code> (Gerrit)</p>
Import the source code and set the target.
<h3>Commit Message Guidelines</h3>
We have the following commit message template:
(Bug &lt;Bug ID&gt; - &lt;Bug Title&gt;) | (TCI - &lt;Fix&gt;)
&lt;Commit Description&gt;?
Change-Id: &lt;Generated Gerrit Change ID&gt;
Signed-off-by: &lt;sign off name and email&gt;
<strong>Instructions (Please continue READING):</strong>
<li><em>TCI commits</em>: For trivial code changes please use a TCI commit message. See list below for examples. If in doubt please discuss with reviewer.</li>
<li><em>Normal Commits</em>: For all other commits use a commit message starting with 'Bug'. Bug reports with Proper Titles: Before using a Bug title for a commit, committer must update the Bug title to a reasonable and descriptive title for the task they have worked on</li>
<li><em>Commit Description</em>: Additionally to the title, the commit message can describe briefly (2-3 sentences) how this commit fixes the bug from a technical perspective</li>
<li><em>Multiple Commits for same bug</em>: Of course you may use the same bug and therefore bug title for multiple commits and their message, in this case please provide a unique description</li>
<li><em>Reviewers responsibility</em>: The reviewer is responsible also for checking that the bug title is descriptive and reflects the committed change and that the description if any reflects the technical change</li>
<strong>TCI message examples: </strong>
<li>Version Update of manifest and pom</li>
<li>anonymous to inner class Conversion</li>
<li>Renaming local vars, e.g. because of typos</li>
<li>Externalizing strings</li>
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