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<h3>Edapt - Migrating EMF Models</h3>
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Edapt is an EMF framework to migrate instances of Ecore models after changing an Ecore.
This is typically used to migrate existing EMF-based data with a new release of a software with an updated Ecore model.
Edapt provides the following features:
<li>Edapt IDE Tooling:
<li>Ecore Editor enhancement to create and maintain the history of an Ecore</li>
<li>Operation-browser to execute refactorings on an Ecore</li>
<li>Release Tooling to prepare a migration plugin from the Ecore history</li>
<li>Custom Migration Support</li>
<li>Edapt Runtime:
<li>API to detect version of given model instances</li>
<li>API to migrate model instances with registered migration plugins</li>
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