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<h3>Primary Links </h3>
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name="buttonDownload"><strong>Download</strong> Release and Integration builds</a></li>
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"" title=
"Documentation" name=
User Guide,Developer Guide, Roadmap and FAQ</a></li>
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name="buttonSupport"><strong>Support</strong> Bug Tracker,
Newsgroup, Support</a></li>
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"Getting Involved" name="buttonInvolved"><strong>Getting
Involved</strong> Git, Workspace Setup, Wiki,
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<h3 id="compare">EMF Compare Project</h3>
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<p class="left">EMF Compare provides comparison and merge facility for any
kind of EMF Model. It includes a <b>generic comparison engine</b>, the ability to <b>export
differences in a model patch</b> and it is integrated with the Eclipse Team API meaning that it
enable collaborative work on models using <b>CVS</b>, <b>SVN</b> and <b>GIT</b></p>
<p class="right">In a nutshell this project provides : a
<b>framework you can easily reuse and extend</b> to compare instances of your models and
a tool integrated in the Eclipse IDE to see the differences and merge them.
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<a href="images/ecore_tree_compare.png"><img src=
"images/ecore_tree_compare.png" width="640" alt="EMF Compare Tool"></a>
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<i>Obeo provides support for Eclipe Modeling Projects.</i>
<a href="" title="Main Obeo website" rel=
"nofollow"><img src="images/logo/logo_obeo.png"></a>
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<h6>Project Summary</h6>
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Read more <a href="">about
this project</a> and get all useful information and links about it in a nutshell.