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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
+<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href=""?>
+<plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:html=""
+      name="Modeling Workflow Engine">
+   <release projectid="modeling.emft.mwe" version="0.7.0"/>
+   <introduction>
+     This document lays out the feature and API set for the first release of the MWE component,version 0.7.0, of the EMFT Project.  
+     This project plan inherits from the Modeling Project Plan, which should be referenced when consulting this individual project plan.
+   </introduction>
+   <release_deliverables>
+     <html:p>
+    The release deliverables have the same form as is found in most Eclipse projects, namely:
+<html:li>MWE source code release, available as versions tagged "R0_7" in the project's CVS repository.</html:li>
+<html:li>MWE SDK (includes runtime and tooling components, with sources, examples, and documentation) (downloadable and update site).</html:li>
+<html:li>MWE runtime binary distribution (downloadable and update site).</html:li>
+<html:li>MWE tests (downloadable and update site)</html:li>
+  </html:p>
+    </release_deliverables>
+   <release_milestones>
+      <preamble>
+      <html:p>Release milestone occurring at roughly 6 week intervals and follow the Platform milestone releases by approximately 2 weeks; 
+      that is, until the final 3.5 release of the Platform, upon which MWE and other projects will release simultaneously. 
+      As MWE is dependent upon the EMF, and other projects, which are scheduled to release milestones within 1 week of Platform milestones, 
+      MWE will deliver its milestones within the following week. 
+      It is anticipated that MWE will synchronize its release milestones with the Galileo release schedule.
+       </html:p>
+      </preamble>
+      <milestone date="08/20/2008" milestone="M1"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="10/01/2008" milestone="M2"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="11/12/2008" milestone="M3"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="12/29/2008" milestone="M4"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="02/06/2009" milestone="M5"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="03/18/2009" milestone="M6"><html:p>API freeze</html:p></milestone>
+      <milestone date="05/05/2009" milestone="M7"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="05/19/2009" milestone="RC1"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="05/26/2009" milestone="RC2"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="06/02/2009" milestone="RC3"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="06/09/2009" milestone="RC4"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="06/16/2009" milestone="RC5"></milestone>
+      <milestone date="06/28/2009" milestone="1.0.0"></milestone>
+   </release_milestones>
+   <target_environments>
+     In order to remain current, each Eclipse release targets reasonably current versions of the underlying operating environments.
+The MWE project depends upon on the Platform and other projects, which are mostly "pure" Java. 
+The 3.5 release of the Eclipse Platform Project is written and compiled against version 1.4 of the Java Platform APIs, 
+and targeted to run on version 1.4 of the Java Runtime Environment, Standard Edition. 
+MWE will target the same Java version as EMF, which currently requires Java 5.
+Eclipse Platform SDK 3.5 will be tested and validated on a number of reference platforms. 
+MWE will be tested and validated against a subset of those listed for the platform. 
+Those available will be presented on the project download site.
+     <internationalization>
+       The Eclipse Platform is designed as the basis for internationalized products. 
+       The user interface elements provided by the Eclipse SDK components, including dialogs and error messages, are externalized. 
+       The English strings are provided as the default resource bundles. 
+       As a result, the MWE project will provide English strings in its default bundles and be localized to a subset of those locales offered by the Platform. 
+       This plan will be updated to indicate which locales will be provided and the time frame for availability.
+     </internationalization>
+   </target_environments>
+   <compatibility_with_previous_releases>
+     This is the first eclipse release of MWE. 
+   </compatibility_with_previous_releases>
+ </plan>
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