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<h4><a href="">Professional Support</a></h4>
Open-source software is free of licensing fees. Furthermore, it is
easy to adapt and enhance with new features. Nevertheless, using
open-source frameworks is not for free. Like in closed-source
software, no one is an expert on every framework. The total
cost of ownership also includes training, adoption, enhancement and
maintainance of a framework. It might take significantly more time for
somebody new to the project to extend a certain feature than for the
person who is familiar with the framework. Furthermore, software
has to be maintained. Even if this can be done literally by
everybody for open-source software, a professional maintainance
agreement with fixed response times is often mandatory in an
industrial setting. This ensures your productivity. EclipseSource
employs several EMFStore committers and
offers professional support
<a href=""
<a href="gettingstarted.html" target="_blank"> Getting Started </a> - first steps with EMFStore</li>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">EMFT
Newsgroup</a> - get an answer to your questions</li>
a Bug</a> - file bugs and feature requests</li>
<a href="documentation.html">Documentation</a> - read the docs
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