All Versions of Epsilon

VersionEclipse ReleaseRelease DateRelease Type
2.14.16 (2020-06)3 July 2020Scheduled release
2.04.15 (2020-03)30 May 2020Major release (2.0 contained two significant regressions and has been replaced by 2.1) (Photon)30 Sep 2018Service release
1.54.8 (Photon)12 Aug 2018Scheduled release
1.44.6 (Neon)6 Nov 2016Scheduled release
1.34.5 (Mars)8 Mar 2015Scheduled release
1.24.4 (Luna)25 Aug 2014Scheduled release
1.1_SR14.3 (Kepler)10 Sept 2013Service release
1.14.3 (Kepler)29 Aug 2013Scheduled release
1.04.2 (Juno)12 Nov 2012Scheduled release