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* Copyright (c) 2015, 2018 Eclipse Foundation.
* This program and the accompanying materials are made
* available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0
* which is available at
* Contributors:
* Nathan Gervais (Eclipse Foundation) - Initial implementation
* Eric Poirier (Eclipse Foundation)
* SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0
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<h1>Ganymede Around the World Contest</h1>
We want to hear how you&#146;re using the Eclipse projects in the <a
>Ganymede</a> release. Write a blog post, create a screencast/video, or
record a podcast telling the world what&#146;s great or what you dislike
about Ganymede. For your efforts, we&#146;ll send you an Eclipse shirt.
Once you have posted your review, add it to the <a href="mapList.php">Ganymede
Around the World map</a>. Eclipse is a global community, so we encourage
you to create a review in your native language.
If you want to show your support but don&#146;t have the time to prepare a
review, you can still add yourself to the <a href="mapList.php">Ganymede
Around the World map</a>. Just enter your name, address and a short
message or image about how you use Eclipse. Everyone who adds their name
will be entered into a random draw for 5 Eclipse jackets.
To enter the contest, a review must be of sufficient technical content.
Long essays aren&#146;t necessary, but as a guideline, include 3 to 5
points of what you like or don&#146;t like about the Ganymede projects.
The top 3 reviews will win an Eclipse jacket and the best entry will win
their choice of a pass to <a href="">EclipseCon
2009</a> or <a href="">Eclipse
Summit Europe 2008</a>!
The deadline for submissions to the contest is <b>July 31, 2008</b>. The
top 3 and best reviews will be selected by a panel of judges.
<b>Important Details:</b>
<li>You can submit multiple reviews but only one shirt per person will be
<li>Shirt quantities are limited so shirts will be distributed to
reviewers on a first come, first served basis.</li>
<li>The EclipseCon or Eclipse Summit Europe pass only covers the
conference registration. It does not include any travel expenses. The
pass is non-transferable, non-refundable and has no cash value. If you
can&#146;t go to either conference or you receive a free pass some other
way (such as a speaker pass), you won&#146;t be able to take advantage
of the prize.</li>
<li>Informed, insightful, educated reviews &#150; positive and negative
&#150; are always welcome. However, FUD-spewers, propagandists and
mean-spirited curmudgeons need not apply.</li>
<li>A review needs to be submitted to the <a href="mapList.php">Ganymede
Around the World </a>map with an email address to participate in the
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<h6>Ganymede Around the World</h6>
<li><a href="/ganymede/">Ganymede</a></li>
<li><a href="mapList.php">Ganymede Map</a></li>
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<a href="/donate/"><img src="images/ganymede.gif" /></a>