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<h2>The History of Gemini Blueprint</h2>
The Gemini Blueprint project started life at the end of 2006 as the Spring OSGi project.
Later it was renamed to the Spring Dynamic Modules that many people know today.
Gemini Blueprint shares many goals with Spring DM such as:
<li>Better OSGi platform</li>
<li>Advanced IoC container capabilities</li>
<li>Lightweight, trasparent, POJO-based programming model</li>
Spring DM combined the powerful model offered by Spring <a href="">Framework</a>
with the dynamic and modular capabilities of the OSGi platform. The combination proved so successful
and popular that the OSGi Alliance decided to standardise this programming model through the
OSGi Service Blueprint, as part of the OSGi Compendium Services <a href="">4.2</a>
In late 2009, Spring DM became its transition to Eclipse through the Gemini project <a href="">proposal</a>.
At the time of writing, we are still working on the transition - we'll be sure to update the project page and
spread the news as soon as this process completes.