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+		<title>Eclipse Helios: 5 JDT Improvements</title>
+		<link><![CDATA[http://blog.firdau.si/2010/07/02/eclipse-helios-5-jdt-improvements/]]></link>
+		<author>Nanda Firdausi</author>
+		<date>July 2</date>
+		<language>English</language>
+		<shortDesc><![CDATA[Helios has been released. This simultaneous release includes more projects but many people still regard Eclipse as Java IDE. So in this post, I want to share the most important JDT improvements that I think will be loved by most Java developers.]]></shortDesc>
+	</review>
+	<review>
+		<title>10 New Features which I Liked the Most in Eclipse Helios</title>
+		<link><![CDATA[http://www.techsagar.com/2010/07/10-new-features-which-i-liked-the-most-in-eclipse-helios-3-6-2/]]></link>
+		<author>Prasanna LM</author>
+		<date>July 1</date>
+		<language>English</language>
+		<shortDesc><![CDATA[Last week Eclipse foundation delivered their 2010 installment i.e., the 3.6 version of Eclipse code named Helios. It was the largest release from Eclipse community so far as it involved 39 different project teams & 33 million lines of code (as per the data available in the official Eclipse web page). Helios comes with lots of new & interesting features and caters to the varying needs of the Software Development community.]]></shortDesc>
+	</review>
+	<review>
 		<title>OSGi Console in Helios, Monkey See/Monkey Do and a Strange Loop</title>
 		<author>Wolfgang Werner</author>