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+		<title>What Does the Eclipse of a Summer God Mean a Developer?</title>
+		<link><![CDATA[http://cubussapiens.hu/en/2010/07/what-does-the-eclipse-of-a-summer-god-mean-to-me/]]></link>
+		<author>Zoltan Ujhelyj</author>
+		<date>July 26</date>
+		<language>English</language>
+		<shortDesc><![CDATA[A month ago the Eclipse 3.6 shipped – again on time. This is another evolutionary release – most components are binary compatible with the older ones, so the time of the migration was roughly equal to the download. All old favorites, such as Mylyn, EMF, etc. are updated, a lot of features were added, that makes development much easier. Some new components are also added, making a strong basis of the Eclipse eco-system. ]]></shortDesc>
+	</review>
+	<review>
 		<title>Eclipse 3.6 Hidden Treasures</title>
 		<author>Zviki Cohen</author>