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 		<date>June 29</date>
 		<shortDesc><![CDATA[Acceleo 3.0 has just been released and it comes with compatibility with Eclipse 3.4, 3.5 and the latest 3.6 versions. Acceleo 3.0 is a pragmatic implementation of the OMG Model-to-text specification.]]></shortDesc>
-	</review>
-	<review>
-		<title>Application Development: 25 Best and Brightest Eclipse Development Projects</title>
-		<link><![CDATA[http://www.dzone.com/links/r/25_best_and_brightest_eclipse_development_projects.html]]></link>
-		<author>Darryl K. Taft</author>
-		<date>June 28</date>
-		<language>English</language>
-		<shortDesc><![CDATA[With the recent release (June 23) of the Eclipse Foundation's 39-project Helios release train, eWEEK has decided to take a look at what many in the Eclipse community view as some of the top projects coming out of the organization.]]></shortDesc>
 		<title>RAP and Eclipse Helios in a Minute</title>