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+		<title>The Helios Year in Retrospect</title>
+		<link><![CDATA[http://eclipsehowl.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/the-helios-year-in-retrospect/]]></link>
+		<author>Holger Voorman</author>
+		<date>July 14</date>
+		<language>English</language>
+		<shortDesc><![CDATA[My neighbor should have been back from Malaysia this summer, but the IT project that's behind his sojourn in these exotic spheres is delayed. The still indefinitely vacant apartment reminds me of how nice my life is. And I’m not referring to the silence next-door, but to the fact that I, as an Eclipse developer, can rely on the 5th Eclipse Release Train arriving on time. For trains, and especially for software projects, this is not yet self-evident even in the year 2010.]]></shortDesc>
+	</review>
+	<review>
 		<title>The Juggernaut of Eclipse Helios Arrives</title>
 		<author>Saurav Sarkar</author>