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<plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:html=""
name="Mylyn Intent">
<release projectid="" version="0.7"/>
<html:div xmlns="">
Mylyn Intent is an open source <b>documentation environment</b>, that allows you to <b>keep your doc
synchronized</b> with any development artifact (Source code, Models, Dependencies...) while being
<b>customizable</b> for your development processes (domain specific constraints, syntax or tools...).
<html:div xmlns="">
<li><b>Mylyn Intent</b> : Intent authoring environment (Workspace mode - editor, compiler, synchronizer, project wizards, doc generator...)</li>
<li><b>Doc generators For Wikitext</b> : A set of generators for Wikitext documents (Latex, html...)</li>
<li><b>Doc generators For Intent document</b> : A set of generators allowing to export an Intent Project to several formats (HTML Bootstrap...)</li>
<html:div xmlns="">
Mylyn Intent 0.7 is part of the Mylyn Docs 1.6, which is part of the Mylyn 3.7 release.
Please refer to the <a href="">Mylyn plan</a> for release milestones.
<milestone date="2012-01-26" milestone="0.7 M4"> <html:div>Mylyn Intent 0.7 M4</html:div></milestone>
<postamble><html:div xmlns=""></html:div></postamble>
<html:div xmlns="">Mylyn Docs follows the <a href="">target environment</a> guidelines of the Mylyn project.</html:div>
<html:div xmlns="">Mylyn Docs follows the <a href="">internationalization</a> guidelines of the Mylyn project.</html:div>
<html:div xmlns="">There is no previous version of Mylyn Intent.</html:div>
<html:div xmlns="">The main priority for Intent 0.7 is to provide the miminal set of features allowing to document
your softwares efficiently.
<theme name="Support for Eclipse 3.8 workbench">
<description> <html:div>We will support 3.8 as well as 4.2, but the exact functionality may differ.</html:div>
<theme name="Improving Intent authoring environment">
<description> <html:div>Improve Intent editor stability and features (code completion, syntax highliting...).</html:div></description>
<theme name="Define an export mechanism for the Intent document">
<description> <html:div>Define a set of generator allowing to export the Intent document to HTML, PDF...
The exported doc should provide navigable links between sections.</html:div>