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<pre><span class="sourceLineNo">001</span>/*-<a name="line.1"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">002</span> * Copyright 2016 Diamond Light Source Ltd.<a name="line.2"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">003</span> *<a name="line.3"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">004</span> * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials<a name="line.4"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">005</span> * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0<a name="line.5"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">006</span> * which accompanies this distribution, and is available at<a name="line.6"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">007</span> *<a name="line.7"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">008</span> */<a name="line.8"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">009</span><a name="line.9"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">010</span>package org.eclipse.january.dataset;<a name="line.10"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">011</span><a name="line.11"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">012</span>public interface IFileConnection {<a name="line.12"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">013</span><a name="line.13"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">014</span> /**<a name="line.14"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">015</span> * DataServer path, a local path on the server used to locate the remote dataset.<a name="line.15"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">016</span> * @return the file path to the data in the file system of the remote machine<a name="line.16"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">017</span> */<a name="line.17"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">018</span> public String getPath();<a name="line.18"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">019</span> <a name="line.19"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">020</span> /**<a name="line.20"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">021</span> * DataServer path, a local path on the server used to locate the remote dataset.<a name="line.21"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">022</span> * This path may also be a directory where the data collection will happen. In this<a name="line.22"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">023</span> * case when the first file is written, the dataset must be made up of files with the<a name="line.23"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">024</span> * same extension.<a name="line.24"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">025</span> * <a name="line.25"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">026</span> * @param path to the data in the file system of the remote machine<a name="line.26"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">027</span> */<a name="line.27"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">028</span> public void setPath(String path);<a name="line.28"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">029</span><a name="line.29"></a>
<span class="sourceLineNo">030</span>}<a name="line.30"></a>