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The Linux Tools project aims to bring a <b>full-featured C and C++ IDE</b> to Linux developers.
We build on the source editing and debugging features of the
<a href="">CDT</a> and integrate popular native
development tools such as Valgrind, OProfile, RPM, SystemTap, GCov, GProf, LTTng, etc. Current
projects include LTTng trace viewers and analyzers, an RPM .spec editor, a Valgrind heap usage analysis tool, and OProfile and Perf call profiling tools.
The project also provides a place for Linux
distributions to collaboratively overcome issues surrounding distribution packaging of
Eclipse technology. The project produces both best practices and tools related to
packaging. Since our 0.3.0 release, one of our features is a source archive of the
Eclipse SDK that can be used by all Linux distributions building and distributing it.
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