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* Copyright (c) 2018 Eclipse Foundation and others.
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors:
* Eric Poirier (Eclipse Foundation) - Initial implementation
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<h1>Eclipse Member Distro Downloads Program</h1>
<h2>Goals of this Program</h2>
<p>This program has two main goals:</p>
<li>Make the ecosystem around Eclipse more visible to those who
are downloading Eclipse.</li>
<li>Improve the first user experience with Eclipse - a better
solution than downloading many different files to get the
Eclipse installation they need.</li>
<p>This program is about encouraging Eclipse Member companies to
interact with the Eclipse user base by offering downloads of
packages that are part of the Eclipse project release trains.
Organizations can also offer additional downloads including other
OSS projects and commercial software.</p>
<li>The downloads 'mirror selection page' will have a
section devoted to downloading an Eclipse based distros from
participating Eclipse Foundation members. <img
src="public/images/screenshot.jpg" width="600px"
alt="Screenshot" />
<li>Each member company distro entry on the page will link to a
page on that member company's website with the Eclipse related
distro. (In other words, the member company Eclipse distros will
NOT be hosted at</li>
<p>Note that the order of the participating organizations is random,
and weighted by the amount of bandwidth pledged and other factors
as required by the Eclipse Foundation to ensure a good download
experience for our millions of visitors.</p>
<p>To participate, a member must:</p>
<li>Be an Eclipse member company in good standing</li>
<li>Provide at least 100 Mbits of bandwidth for Eclipse downloads</li>
<li>Provide a 64x64 logo.</li>
<li>Provide a max. 100 character description of the distro (such
as server location, target audiences, etc.)</li>
<li>Offer current Eclipse packages to be download without forcing
a registration of any kind</li>
<li>Offer a clear "Download" link to package(s) from
the landing page without forcing site navigation to find it
<li>Good examples:
<li>Member provides an All-in-one zip/installer of Eclipse
<li>Member provides an All-in-one zip/installer of a
useful subset of the Eclipse projects/packages (similar
to the all-in-one zip that WTP provides)</li>
<li>Member provides an Installshield or similar installer
that provides options to install Eclipse
<li>Member provides an Installer that provides options to
install Eclipse projects and options to install Company
X's for-pay projects - good as long as the Eclipse
projects can be selected without paying for the other
projects (similar to the <a href="">Yoxos
<li>Bad examples:
<li>Member requires clicking through pages of marketing to
get to the Eclipse download</li>
<li>Member obscures download link and tricks people to
download member application</li>
<li>Member forces registration of email address or other
personal information</li>
<li>Member provides installer that offers only commercial
projects even when those projects embedded Eclipse
The spirit of this effort is that members <b>can and should
promote their company, brand, products, services</b> and
involvement in the Eclipse Ecosystem, and they should do this
clearly on the landing page! However, the spirit is also that, in
the true nature of open source, personal information be gathered
in a opt-in only basis and not through any trickery or hassle.
<h3>Ordering Of The List</h3>
<p>Members will be listed based on random selection methods based
approximately on the amount of bandwidth provided - however, the
ratios will be managed to ensure a reasonable percentage of
traffic for all perticipants and a quality download experience for
our millions of visitors. For example, the weights will be by
download bandwidth thus company A providing twice the bandwidth of
company B may appear higher on the download page more as often. If
there are more participants than space available on the download
pages, the pages will contain a set of random distros, with a link
to a distros page that will contain all participants.</p>
<h3>Isn't this just a "Mirror"?</h3>
<p>No. Eclipse has many mirrors, but mirrors merely donate
bandwidth. The user only interacts with the website
even though the download ultimately comes from donated bandwidth.
This program is an opportunity to have someone voluntarily visit a
landing page on your website to download Eclipse projects. Some
visitors may simply be there for a faster download, but visitors
will have had to explicitly choose to "download from member sites"
and then explicitly choose your company link. Seems like a great
opportunity to further promote yourself! Wording of the link on
the download page will make every attempt to direct
people who 'just want the download damnit' to the and
mirror infrastructure. This project is aimed to promote the
ecosystem to those who are interested!</p>
<h3>How do I get the Eclipse Project Bits and keep them updated?</h3>
To get the release-train bits and keep the up to date, you will
use the same tool as the mirrors - RSYNC. You will need to tell us
(see mirror information page below) what the internet-Facing IP
address of your RSYNC client is, so we can allow you to RSYNC from The IT staff of the member companies can look <a
href=""> here</a>
for more details on being an Eclipse mirror. You do not need to
fill out the form at the mir_request page (just email us the IP
you will RSYNC from), but should observe other mirror
instructions. Please <a href="">contact
us</a> for more details.
<h3>How many clicks can we expect?</h3>
<p>Current participants are reporting between 10-20k clicks per
month coming from Some members have noted that by
having a link from, their hits from search engines has
increased dramatically also.</p>
<h3>Can I make my landing page smart about what the user is
Your webmaster can choose to make your landing page auto-select
the package/os that the Eclipse user has selected while on We will append the selected package and OS platform
to the URL of your landing page. For instance, if the URL you've
supplied is: <a
Then the URL we will use will look like this: <a
<p>... where the package name is one of (capitalized) jee, standard,
java, cpp, modeling, reporting, rcp, automotive, mobile, scout,
testing and parallel.. The OS platforms include: linux32, linux64,
win32, win64, maccocoa.
<h2>How do I sign up?!</h2>
Send and email to <a href=""></a>.
Be sure to include the following information:
<li>Company Name, Contact Name, Email and Phone Number.</li>
<li>A 100 character max (including white-space) description of
your landing page (i.e., mentioning things that might interest
people such as technology, geography, etc)</li>
<li>A 64px X 64px logo (gif, jpg, png)</li>
<li>The amount of bandwidth you plan to allocate.</li>
<li>Indicate which of the following Eclipse Packages you plan to
host on your download page. Note, you must support downloads for
all operating systems available for each package.
<li>Eclipse IDE for JEE Developers</li>
<li>Eclipse IDE for PHP Developers</li>
<li>Eclipse IDE for Java Developers</li>
<li>Eclipse Modeling Tools</li>
<li>Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers</li>
<li>Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers</li>
<li>Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers</li>
<li>Pulsar for Mobile Java Developers</li>
<li>Eclipse Classic</li>
<li>Eclipse SOA</li>