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<h1><big>Eclipse Member2Member Marketing Program</big></h1>
<h2><b><big>Goals of this Program</big></b></h2>
<p>This program has two main goals:</p>
<li>Offer a channel for members to promote their products and services exclusively to the Eclipse Membership.</li>
<li>Allow members to benefit from product and service special offers not available elsewhere.</li>
<p>This program is about encouraging Eclipse Member companies to
interact with each other by providing a channel to offer products and
services specific to Eclipse members.</p>
<h2><b><big>How do I participate?</big></b></h2>
<p>Email <a href=""></a> with the following information:
<li>Title: Not more than 40 Characters</li>
<li>Body: Not more than 100 Characters</li>
<li>URL Title: Not more than 15 Characters</li>
<li>URL Target</li>
<p>Example 1:<br>
<b>Save 20% off MegaCon</b><br>
MegaCon'08, Hyatt Reston<br>
June 20-24. Learn new<br>
Mega Features. Meet the<br>
experts of Mega!<br>
<a href="">Register Now...</a><br>
<p>Example 2:<br>
<b>33% Off Mista 4.0</b> <br>
Use coupon code ECMEM33<br>
and save 33% on latest<br>
Mista release. Great<br>
Software product!<br>
<a href="">Free Trial...</a><br>
<p>Example 3:<br>
<b>Free Adoption Survey</b><br>
Just released 2008 tool use<br>
trends survey results.<br>
<a href="">See Results...</a><br>
<b>How much does it cost?</b>
<p>This is a free service for Eclipse Foundation Members only.
<b>When will my offer Appear?</b>
<p>Eclipse membership newsletters are planned monthly.
There is limited Member2Member
space available in each newsletter. Priority will be given first-come-first-serve basis.
You will be advised when you submit your content an expected date.
<b>Can we promote a Free Product/Service?</b>
<p>Yes, but only depending on space availability -- priority will be given to member2member offers
that offer a tangible savings/benefit exclusively for other Eclipse Members.
<b>How many people receive the newsletter?</b>
<p>There are approximately 500 recepients of the Foundation Newsletter.
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