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# Set the theme for your project's web pages.
# See the Committer Tools "How Do I" for list of themes
# Optional: defaults to system theme
$theme = "Nova";
# Define your project-wide Nav bars here.
# Format is Link text, link URL (can be, target (_self, _blank), level (1, 2 or 3)
# these are optional
$Nav->addNavSeparator("Amalgam", "/amalgam");
$Nav->addCustomNav("Download", "", "_self", 3);
$Nav->addCustomNav("Documentation", "", "_self", 3);
$Nav->addCustomNav("Support", "/modeling/amalgam/support", "_self", 3);
$Nav->addCustomNav("Getting Involved", "/modeling/amalgam/developers", "_self", 3);
$pageKeywords = "acceleo, dsl, modeling, domain specific language, textual, emf, package, diagram, modeler";
$pageAuthor = "Obeo";
$pageTitle = "Modeling Amalgamation";
$Menu->addMenuItem("Home", "/modeling/amalgam", "_self");
$Menu->addMenuItem("Download", "", "_self");
$Menu->addMenuItem("Documentation", "", "_self");
$Menu->addMenuItem("Support", "/modeling/amalgam/support", "_self");
$Menu->addMenuItem("Developers", "/modeling/amalgam/developers", "_self");
$App->AddExtraHtmlHeader('<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style_amalgam.css"/>' . "\n\t");
$App->Promotion = TRUE;