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# collapsiblebuttons.php
# Author: Emil Crumhorn
# Date: 2007-09-02
# Description: Describes the CollapsibleButtons widget.
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<div id="midcolumn">
<img src='images/collapsiblebuttons.png'>
The Collapsible Buttons Widget is a customizable collapsible buttons widget modeled after the bottom left buttons widget in Microsoft Outlook.
The widget is highly customizable from simple flags for setting things on and off, to extending interfaces for controlling how the buttons should
be painted and other more advanced aspects.
By default, the widget comes with Default implementations for everything that allows you to skin the button bar according to the following:
&raquo; Outlook 2005 - Windows XP Blue Theme<br>
&raquo; Outlook 2005 - Windows XP Olive Theme<br>
&raquo; Outlook 2005 - Windows XP Silver Theme<br>
&raquo; Outlook 2007 - Blue Theme (Same regardless of XP color scheme)
Please note that this widget usually fits best inside components that push it into place as it changes the actual widget size when buttons are collapsed,
such as the <b>SashForm</b>, <b>ViewForm</b> or a custom layout.
<a href=''>Additional Documentation</a>
<a href="">Download</a> </li>
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