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# history.php
# Author: Chris Gross
# Date: 2006-05-07
# Description: Describes the history of Grid.
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<h3>12/5/06 Update</h3>
<li>Updated background drawing code to show parent's background (using SWT.INHERIT_DEFAULT) behind the rounded corners when the group's background color has been modified.</li>
<h3>11/3/06 Update</h3>
<li>Fixed PGroup jar to include all necessary classes. (doh)</li>
<h3>10/20/06 Update</h3>
<li>Updated FormGroupStrategy drawing behavior to correctly fade to the parent's background.</li>
<h3>10/19/06 Update</h3>
<li>First Nebula release of PGroup.</li>
<li>Significant API redesign from prior SWTPlus versions.</li>
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