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<h2>What's this all about?</h2>
<p>The Orbit project provides a repository of bundled versions of
third party libraries that are approved for use in one or more
Eclipse projects. The repository maintains current and old versions
of such libraries to facilitate current builds as well as the
rebuilding of historical output. The contents of Orbit are available
in several different forms (e.g., Update Site, download archives,
...). As the Eclipse tooling evolves, developers will be able to
easily obtain and add supplied bunldes to their workspace or target
<p>One of the key issues with bundling third-party libraries is the
inconsistency in naming, versioning and form of the resultant
bundles. Orbit eliminates duplicated work and bundle naming,
structuring and versioning variations but focusing the bundling
effort in one project.</p>
<p>Crucially, no development is carried out in this project. Teams
proposing the use of a third party library for the first time are
able to work with the community developed here and other potential
users of the library to derive an appropriate selection and
packaging of the function they need. For example, a team may start
out with &quot;a need for Jetty&quot;. As we have seen, systems like
Jetty often include several JARs and a wide variety of
infrastructure pieces (e.g., Apache Commons Logging). In some cases
this additional function is not needed for the project's use, is
already approved and available or has special packaging needs.
Through this project the teams needing function arrive at a mutually
agreeable form of the required function.</p>
<p>It is important to note that committers on Orbit are not
responsible for doing the packaging work. That responsibility
remains with the teams seeking to use the requested library. In
short, don't open a bug report requesting that &quot;someone bundle
Jetty version X&quot;. Open one offering to bundle Jetty version X.
Orbit acts as a hub or focal point for people with needs related to
third party libraries and those with related technical expertise.</p>
<p>The bundled libraries are retained and made available within the
project in various ways (e.g., download zip, update site, ...) for
use in the projects that have received the appropriate approvals.
Note teams seeking to use a library must still follow the IP
process. For example, the current process calls or all third party
code use to be cleared by the Foundation. So even if a library is
approved by the Foundation for use by all projects, project teams
must still fill out a Contribution Questionnaire (CQ) and notify the
Foundation of their intentions to use a library. (There is a "reuse
from Orbit" option, that makes the submission simpler than starting
from scratch). This allows the library use to be tracked and
facilitates version synchronization (e.g., stepping up to new
releases) as well as notification of issues found with approved and
previously distributed libraries.</p>
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