Infra-531 Remove Brian King from EF website

Signed-off-by: Zhou Fang <>
diff --git a/foundation/staff.xml b/foundation/staff.xml
index cee6544..892f2fd 100644
--- a/foundation/staff.xml
+++ b/foundation/staff.xml
@@ -424,18 +424,6 @@
-  <staffmember id="briank">
-    <name>Brian King</name>
-    <username>bking18m</username>
-    <twitter>brianking</twitter>
-    <title>Cloud Dev Tools Community Manager</title>
-    <image>images_staff/brian-300.jpg</image>
-    <description><![CDATA[
-      <p>Brian joined the Foundation to work with the Eclipse Cloud Development Tools Working Group to drive the evolution and broad adoption of emerging open source solutions for cloud-based development including Eclipse Che and Eclipse Theia. Brian's hobbies are not too outlandish and include drinking good coffee and walking his dog. However in recent years he has tried sailing and canyoning, and is open to other recommendations.</p>
-      ]]>
-    </description>
-  </staffmember>
   <staffmember id="silviamiles">
     <name>Silvia Miles</name>