Infra-463 Minor updates for openMobility Charter

Signed-off-by: Zhou Fang <>
diff --git a/workinggroups/content/en_openmobility_charter.php b/workinggroups/content/en_openmobility_charter.php
index 45dc56a..a5ca413 100644
--- a/workinggroups/content/en_openmobility_charter.php
+++ b/workinggroups/content/en_openmobility_charter.php
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
     <h2>Incubation Period</h2>
     <p>The openMobility working group starts with an incubation period of one
       year that begins after the community review has been successfully
-      accomplished. The goal of the incubation period is to</p>
+      accomplished. The goal of the incubation period is to:</p>
       <li>Refine the structure and strategy of the working group</li>
       <li>Define membership levels and participation guidelines</li>
@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@
         are allocated following the Eclipse "Single Transferable Vote", as
         defined in the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws. Elected Committer Members have the right
         to participate in every Steering Committee meeting. They have no voting
-        rights</li>
+        rights.</li>
     <h4>Meeting Management</h4>
     <p>The Steering Committee meets at least twice a year.</p>