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<boardmember id="jiang" type="committer">
<name>Emily Jiang</name>
<title>MicroProfile and Jakarta EE Architect @IBM</title>
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<phone>+44 7887632168</phone>
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<contact>12 Beechwood Crescent, Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK, SO53 5PA</contact>
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<eclipse_affiliation>I'm an Eclipse committer and contribute in a number of projects, including MicroProfile, Jakarta EE and others. I'm also a member of Eclipse Architecture Council.</eclipse_affiliation>
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<![CDATA[ I would like to nominate myself for Committer Representative to the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors so that I can represent the committers of Eclipse projects to work with Eclipse Foundation closely in order to improve the policies and culture so that Eclipse Foundation can better understand the committers and address committers concerns. I also want to feedback the policies to committers and provide feedback back to the policy makers for further policy adjustment in order to build a healthy and open culture.
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<![CDATA[ I have been an active committer for Eclipse Foundation since 2017. As one of the <a href="" target="_blank">top committers in MicroProfile</a>, I contributed significantly towards MicroProfile releases and success.
I am also a committer for Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection and Interceptors and contributed in the future features and I am now helping out Jakarta EE 10 release. I am a co-lead for Jakarta Config, which is to move MicroProfile Config to Jakarta so that other Jakarta specifications can benefit from the configuration feature.
I was appointed to the Architecture Council in 2018. I have been actively involved in the policy update and provide bi-directional feedback between Eclipse Foundation and Communities. One of my contributions was to work with Eclipse Foundation to remove the heavy review process for service releases and get the Specification Process updated, which was greatly appreciated by the projects. I am also a mentor for the project Eclipse Temurin and LSP4MP to help explain policies and releases etc.
Due to my experience and active involvement in a number of Eclipse projects, I would like to run for the committer representative election to represent the communities and provide bi-direction feedback in order to further strengthen the relationship between the community and Eclipse Foundation.
My profile can be accessed <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.
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