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<h2>Download Options</h2>
Here you can download OSBP. If you need add-ons or application templates consult the professional site to download ready to use packages.
<strong><a href="releasenotes.html">OSBP Release Notes</a></strong>
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<a href="" target="_blank" class="has-popover btn btn-success btn-large pull_left">Download Eclipse Neon for Java developers</a>
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<h3>Eclipse Updatesites</h3>
<p> To install OSBP into a running Eclipse.</p>
<p><a href="" class="has-popover btn btn-primary btn-medium">Nightly Builds (right click &amp; copy)</a></p>
<h3>Installation Instructions</h3>
Install the OSBP software factory in only 5 steps.
<li>Java Installation</li>
<li>Eclipse Installation</li>
<li>Get Repository Link</li>
<li>Install OSBP</li>
<li>Set Target Platform<br><br></li>
<br>Please follow the detailed instructions in our installation guide!
<br>For further information on installation as well as system requirements please consult the documentation page.
<p>The detailed description can be found <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p>
<p />
<p>More developer resources can be found <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p>
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<h3 class="footer-links-header">Quick Links</h3>
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<li><a href="">Privacy Policy</a><br>
<a href="">Terms of Use</a><br>
<a href="">Copyright Agent</a><br>
<a href="">Legal</a></li>
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<li><a href="">Eclipse Home</a><br>
<a href="">Market Place</a><br>
<a href="">Eclipse Live</a><br>
<a href="">Eclipse Planet</a></li>
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