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<li>Test Environment Service</li>
<li>Provides dynamic lookup of resources</li>
<li>Provides both soft real-time and simulated capabilities</li>
<li>Schedules periodic execution of models (simulation components)</li>
<li>Supports user configurable number of simultaneous connections</li>
<li>manages the I/O and testing resources</li>
<li>Fully automated testing</li>
<li>Automated test point tally and rollup of pass/fail determination</li>
<li>Functional Testing</li>
<li>Simulated Environment (eases demand on limited test station resources)</li>
<li>Tests (without modification of any kind) can be run in both soft real-time and simulated environments (simultaneously, if desired)</li>
<li>Real-time messaging system that supports MIL-STD-1553 MUX, serial, wire, analog and digital discretes, and publish/subscribe Data Distribution Service (DDS)</li>
<li>Unit Testing</li>
<li>Automated Display Testing (ADT)</li>
<li>Interactive Testing (automated tests with user input)</li>
<li>Output files</li>
<li>Output file in XML</li>
<li>Interactive outfiles (user can navigate the out file)</li>
<li>User selectable views of outfiles: normal, debug, and flat</li>
<li>Direct linking of output file lines to source test lines</li>
<li>Automatic correlation of a run-time test point to the test source line that generated it</li>
<li>XML output file can be automatically transformed into any format</li>
<li>Current output file transform is JavaScript enabled HTML</li>
<li>Can apply any XSLT translation</li>
<li>Test Source File</li>
<li>Test files are color/tool tip annotated with failures</li>
<li>Tightly Integrated into the Open System Engineering Environment</li>
<li>Utilizes OSEE Application Framework to provide traceability to bidirectional traceability between software requirements, application code, and test</li>
<li>Leverages Java Development Toolkit (JDT) and C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT)</li>
<li>Facilitates seamless flow between test development, debugging, execution, and result analysis</li>
<li>Supports the execution of multiple simultaneous batches within a single workspace</li>
<li>Built-in help system extended with test manger user guide</li>
<li>Test Manager GUI</li>
<li>Consistent, clean interface for the control of unit and functional test in the real-time and simulated environments</li>
<li>Test results streamed in real-time from test service to test manager</li>
<li>Remote viewing and manipulation of test service</li>
<li>Single/Batch run mode</li>
<li>Enable/disable running of individual scripts in the run list</li>
<li>Drag and drop test files into run list</li>
<li>Integrated with code debugger</li>
<li>Access to test and output files from the GUI</li>
<li>Lists available test services that can be used to run test files</li>
<li>Real-time display of test service usage information</li>
<li>Message GUI</li>
<li>Monitor, manipulate and record real-time messaging data</li>
<li>Common user interface supporting P/S, 1553, discrete, analog, serial</li>
<li>Advanced regular-expression searching</li>
<li>Import/Export view lists</li>
<li>Remote attachment to message service</li>
<li>Playback environment</li>
<li>message recording playback environment that allows for the analysis of Ethernet and MUX recordings</li>
<li>supports advanced debugging of the test environment using repeatable conditions</li>
<li>investigate flight recordings</li>
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