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<p>Visit the <a href="../index.php">'User's Guide'</a> if you need more information about any of the pre-requisites below.</p>
<li>Database has been installed</li>
<li>Database server is running</li>
<li>A file system path has been selected for binary data storage. The system default the user's home directory.</li>
<li>An application server is running. See <a href="../launch/osee_launch.php">'Application Server Launch'<a> for more info.</li>
<p>This process will delete all data from OSEE Data Store. Make sure you are certain before running this process.</p>
<li>Ensure database connection information matches database installation. OSEE is pre-configured
to work with a PostgreSQL server running on port 5432. If you need a specialized database connection
see the <a href="../launch/osee_launch.php">'Configuring Database Connection'</a> section. </li>
<li>In a console, launch the database initialization application by entering the following:
<div style="border-width:thin;border:solid;padding:0.2em;">
eclipse -nosplash -application org.eclipse.osee.framework.application.server.DbInit
<li>When prompted select "Y"</li>
<li>Select 'ATS Configuration'</li>
<li>Wait for initialization to complete</li>
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