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Eclipsecon 2008 ideas
1. Do not talk about architecture at all, there just isn't enough time, and most people won't care for such a 'young' project
2. Integrate quick demos into the talk (talk for bit, show a demo, talk for bit, etc)
3. Topics to talk about:
a. what is the project all about? (sell it to the audience)
- providing tooling to help with api evolution
- api consistency
b. what can users expect?
- tooling for use from the command line / builder integration / IDE integration
- quick fixes for a variety of issues
- variety of tools to help plugin developers (expand on these)
c. what is the project not?
- not a code gen tool, does not create apis
- does not work if you don't set it up
d. how can it help developers? (new / medium / experts)
- api evolution
- api contracts
- api consistency
e. what is the current state of the project? (what can they see now)
- building / marker support in IDE
- reference extraction
- searching (limited)
- provisional apis for 'early adopters'
f. talk about some of the features like the ability to extract refs, use from the command line, builder integration, searching, integration in the IDE