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// Copyright (c) 2018 Eclipse Foundation and others.
// This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the
// terms of the Eclipse Public License v. 2.0 which is available at
// SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0
= Open Source Projects
The following Eclipse open source projects participated in this release.
*[Eclipse Acceleo]
*[Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework]
*[Eclipse aCute]
*[Eclipse Amalgam]
*[Eclipse ATL]
*[Eclipse BPEL Designer]
*[Eclipse BPMN 2.0 Modeler]
*[Eclipse BPMN2]
*[Eclipse Buildship]
*[Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools]
*[Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools]:[New in CDT 9.5]
*[Eclipse CDO]
*[Eclipse Code Recommenders]
*[Eclipse Collections]
*[Eclipse Communication Framework]
*[Eclipse Corrosion]
*[Eclipse Dali-ORM]
*[Eclipse Data Tools Platform]
*[Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit]
*[Eclipse EclEmma]
*[Eclipse e(fx)clipse]
*[Eclipse Ecore Tools]
*[Eclipse EMF]
*[Eclipse EMF Client]
*[Eclipse EMF Compare]
*[Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge]
*[Eclipse EMF Facet]
*[Eclipse EMF Parsley]
*[Eclipse EMF Services]
*[Eclipse EMFStore]
*[Eclipse Equinox]
*[Eclipse Extended Editing Framework]
*[Eclipse Generation Factories]
*[Eclipse Git Team Provider]
*[Eclipse GMF Runtime]
*[Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework]
*[Eclipse Graphiti]
*[Eclipse Java development tools]:[New features for Java developers]
*[Eclipse Java EE Tools]
*[Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling]
*[Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools]
*[Eclipse JavaServer Faces]
*[Eclipse JGit]
*[Eclipse Jubula]
*[Eclipse Linux Tools]
*[Eclipse LSP4E]
*[Eclipse LSP4J]
*[Eclipse Lua Development Tools]
*[Eclipse m2eclipse]
*[Eclipse Marketplace Client Project]
*[Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform]
*[Eclipse Memory Analyzer]
*[Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine]
*[Eclipse MoDisco]
*[Eclipse Mylyn]
*[Eclipse Mylyn Builds]
*[Eclipse Mylyn Commons]
*[Eclipse Mylyn Context]
*[Eclipse Mylyn Reviews]
*[Eclipse Mylyn Tasks]
*[Eclipse Mylyn Versions]
*[Eclipse Object Teams]
*[Eclipse OCL]
*[Eclipse Oomph]
*[Eclipse Packaging Project]
*[Eclipse Paho]
*[Eclipse Papyrus]
*[Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform]
*[Eclipse PHP Development Tools]:[New in 6.0]
*[Eclipse Platform]:[New features in the Platform],[New APIs in the Platform and Equinox]
*[Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment]:[New features for plug-in developers]
*[Eclipse Presentation Modeling Framework]
*[Eclipse Project]
*[Eclipse QVT-OML]
*[Eclipse QVT-Relations]
*[Eclipse RCP Testing Tool]
*[Eclipse RedDeer]
*[Eclipse Remote Application Platform]
*[Eclipse Sapphire]
*[Eclipse Scout]
*[Eclipse Server Tools]
*[Eclipse Sirius]
*[Eclipse Source Editing]
*[Eclipse SWTBot]
*[Eclipse Target Communication Framework]
*[Eclipse Target Management]
*[Eclipse TM4E]
*[Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry]
*[Eclipse Trace Compass]
*[Eclipse UML2]
*[Eclipse USS SDK]
*[Eclipse VIATRA]
*[Eclipse Web Services]
*[Eclipse Web Tools Common]
*[Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project]
*[Eclipse Web Tools Releng]
*[Eclipse WindowBuilder]
*[Eclipse Xpand]
*[Eclipse XSD]
*[Eclipse Xtext]
*[Eclipse XWT]
*[Eclipse Yasson]