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<h1>Pollinate Project Proposal</h1><BR>
<P>Pollinate's goal is to build an eclipse-based IDE and toolset that
leverages the open source <a href="">Apache
Beehive</a> application framework.</P>
<p>Pollinate provides a full-featured Java development environment that
enables developers to visually build and assemble enterprise-scale
web applications, JSPs, web services, and leverage the Java controls
framework for creating and consuming J2EE components; optimized for
a service-oriented architecture. This will be accomplished by creating
a broad set of eclipse plugins and user interface components for building
projects on top of the Apache Beehive framework. Beehive is an Apache
open-source project that uses the innovations in JDK 1.5 to help simplify
programming on J2EE and other Web Application containers.</p>
<P>Note. Pollinate is in proposal phase. Some of the initial design
documentation and proposed API specfications can be found <a href="">here</a>
( When this project passes
the Creation Phase, the development team home page with be <a href="/pollinate/">here</a>
(/pollinate/). There is a <a href="">newsgroup</a>
created for the discussion of the project. Please visit the newsgroup
and get involved. </P>
<p>The project expects to have commiters from Instantiations (project
lead), Genuitec, Soaring Eagle LLC and others. We are looking for others
to participate in all aspects of this project. </p>
<p>The initial set of committers would be. </p>
<p>Dan Rubel (project lead)<br>
Instantiations<br> </p>
<p>Carl McConnell<br>
Instantiations<br> </p>
<p>Maher Masri<br>
Genuitec<br> </p>
<p>Scott D. Ryan<br>
Soaring Eagle LLC.<br> </p>
<p>Lee Faus<br>
Fruition Software Inc.<br></p>
The project has been formally proposed and is in the Creation Review stage.
It will be placed in the Technology PMC as an incubator project to develop
these tools. <br>
Pollinate plugins will be built in Java and should be portable to any
platform supported by Eclipse.
<h2>Development plan</SPAN></h2>
<p>The plan for the Pollinate project is stll being developed. There is
a <a href="">newsgroup</a>
created for the discussion of the project. Visit us there to discuss
technical issues, commit resources, and help us start this project.</p>
<p> We plan to follow a milestone based delivery schedule with incremental
progress visible in each milestone. Here is a rough outline of the timeline
we expect to follow for milestones. </p>
<p> M1 - Q3 2004<br>
Deliver prototype with basic editors and builders necessary to produce
a <br>
simple Beehive based web-app </p>
<p>M2 - Q4 2004<br>
Deliver a version with enough functionality for the community to produce
a <br>
full scale Beehive based web-app</p>
<p>M3 - Q1 2005<br>
Deliver a version of Pollinate that is as close to version 1.0 feature
complete as possible</p>
<p>M4 / RC1 / GA - Q2 2005<br>
Deliver a version that is feature complete (M4) followed closely by
release <br>
candidates (RC1, RC2, ...) as necessary to fix last minute bugs and
add <br>
polish needed reach 1.0 release (GA)</p>
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