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This document is provided as a template along with some guidance for creating
your project proposal. This is just a template. Feel free to change it as
you see fit (add sections, remove section). We feel, however, that the
suggestions represented in this document represent the reasonable minimum
amount of information to move forward.
Please keep the formatting in this document simple. Please do not edit
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<p>The Vex project is a proposed open source project under the <a
href="" target="_top">Mylyn Docs</a> container project.</p>
The communication channel must be specified. Typically, this is a forum
that is available from with a URL using the
project's short name; it will be something along the lines of
of EMO can (and will)
provide assistance if you're not sure what to put here.
<p>This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the
Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and
scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the Eclipse
community. Please send all feedback to the <a href="">Eclipse Proposals Forum.</a></p>
<p>XML is being used more and more in document file formats. Such
formats as DocBook, and DITA have been used to help provide a common
format for document meta data. It helps separate the content from the
presentation. As word processor formats move to XML like OpenOfficeXML
and OpenDocument, it becomes more critical to have a WYSIWYM interface
for these file formats. Most users that have to write books, articles,
and other print related material don't want to deal with the tags for
the files, but they want the convenience and separation of presentation
that these formats provide.</p>
Optionally provide the background that has lead you to creating this project.
<p>The Visual Editor for XML is a set of plug-ins that provide <a href="" alt="What You See Is What You Mean">WYSIWYM</a>
editing ability for XML files. This can be used regardless of the XML
involved, and uses CSS stylesheets to provide the formatting for the
presentation layer. All that is needed is a stylesheet and an
appropriate XML file to edit. It hides the XML tags from the user, allow
them to have a word processor like experience but store the information
in the native XML format.</p>
<p>The Vex plug-ins will also provide an API to edit structured textual formats that are similar to XML (e.g. WikiText).
Vex's editor widget can provide the same editing convenience for those <q>lightweight</q> formats.
All that is needed is a mapping between the text format and the object model used by Vex, in conjunction with CSS stylesheets to define the presentation.</p>
<p>There is a long lasting demand in the community for a text entry widget that also allows simple formatting and semantic tagging of the entered text.
Most previous solutions were based on the browser widget, Swing or other external (not native SWT) technologies.
Vex will accommodate this demand with a solution natively implemented in SWT.</p>
All projects must have a well-defined scope. Describe, concisely, what
is in-scope and (optionally) what is out-of-scope. An Eclipse project
cannot have an open-ended scope.
Describe the project here. Be concise, but provide enough information that
somebody who doesn't already know very much about your project idea or domain
has at least a fighting chance of understanding its purpose.
<p>Vex will be based off of a contribution from the Vex (Visual
Editor for XML) project, originally created by John Krasnay and hosted
at In the year 2008 this code was <a href="">donated</a> to Eclipse and has been an
Eclipse Web Tools Incubator component. The goal of the project is to
provide a WYSIWYM XML Editor primarily targeted for those using XML
authoring file formats. It will be leverage existing XML support and
frameworks from the Web Developers Tools project. Particularly, the
Structure Source Editor, as well as the WTP validation frameworks. It
will also make use of the DTD and XML schema support for the files as
well. It provides a plug-in architecture that allows for the use with any
arbitrary XML file, and creation of new CSS style sheets that can be
used with existing known document formats.</p>
<h2>Initial Contribution</h2>
Describe any existing code that will be contributed to the project.
<p>All code is currently incubating with in the Web Tools Incubator
project. The current committers are shooting for a spring graduation
date. The code has consistent Hudson builds, and is using Git as version control system. Builds are using Maven 3 and Tycho. P2 update
sites are available. The code supports DITA and DocBook formats out of
the box.</p>
<h2>Legal Issues</h2>
Please describe any potential legal issues in this section. Does somebody else
own the trademark to the project name? Is there some issue that prevents you
from licensing the project under the Eclipse Public License? Are parts of the
code available under some other license? Are there any LGPL/GPL bits that you
absolutely require?
<p>All code has been reviewed and approved through the Eclipse IP
Process. There are no outstanding CQs that need to be completed or
approved. All past contributors on the SourceForge project have approved
the relicensing of the code under the Eclipse Public License.</p>
List any initial committers that should be provisioned along with the
new project. Include affiliation, but do not include email addresses at
this point.
<p>The following individuals are proposed as initial committers to the project:</p>
<dt>Florian Thienel</dt>
<dd>Florian Thienel, is a committer on the Web Tools Incubator Vex
component. (proposed project lead)</dd>
<dt>David Carver, Intalio Inc.</dt>
<dd>David Carver, is a committer on the Web Tools Source Editing
project, Orbit, and XQuery web tools incubator project. He is also a
current member of the Eclipse Architecture Council.</dd>
<dt>Holger Voorman, Agilantis</dt>
<dd>Holger Voorman, is a committer on the Web Tools Incubator Vex
<dt>Igor Jacy Lino Campista</dt>
<dd>Igor Jacy Lino Campista, is a committer on the Web Tools
Incubator Vex component.</dd>
<p>We welcome additional committers and contributions.</p>
Describe any initial contributions of code that will be brought to the
project. If there is no existing code, just remove this section.
New Eclipse projects require a minimum of two mentors from the Architecture
Council. You need to identify two mentors before the project is created. The
proposal can be posted before this section is filled in (it's a little easier
to find a mentor when the proposal itself is public).
<p>The following Architecture Council members will mentor this
<li>David Carver</li>
<li>Mik Kersten</li>
<h2>Interested Parties</h2>
Provide a list of individuals, organisations, companies, and other Eclipse
projects that are interested in this project. This list will provide some
insight into who your project's community will ultimately include. Where
possible, include affiliations. Do not include email addresses.
<p>The following individuals, organisations, companies and projects have
expressed interest in this project:</p>
<li><a href="">Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail</a></li>
<li><a href="">The PI-Mod Project</a></li>
<li><a href="">Platform for Annotated Corpora in XML (Pacx)</a></li>
<h2>Project Scheduling</h2>
<p>The tentative plan is to get the existing code migrated and
aligned with the Mylyn project's development process. This will include:</p>
<li>Migrate code to Mylyn and do package renaming.</li>
<li>Update and create documentation.</li>
<li>Provide base line Cookbook examples for creating appropriate
<li>Integrate with WikiText to provide a <q>sexier</q> editor.</li>
<li>Continue working on support for XML Schema and XML Namespaces.</li>
<li>Continue working on support for displaying Images within the