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<p>The following mailing lists are available for users and contributors to the PTP project,
or for people just wishing to keep informed of upcoming PTP events.
<p>Note that we no longer uses a newsgroup for PTP user discussions. Please use the ptp-user
mailing list instead.
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<h3>PTP Mailing Lists</h3>
<li><a href="">ptp-user</a>:
For questions or information about using PTP.
<li><a href="">ptp-dev</a>:
For discussions relating to the development of PTP and related components.
<li><a href="">ptp-announce</a>:
For announcements about forthcoming PTP releases and other significant events.
<li><a href="">ptp-cvs-commit</a>:
For CVS individual commit notification. Recommended for committers only.
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