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<title>eclipse parallel tools platform project home</title>
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<h1><img src="documentation/">PTP Documentation</h1>
<p>Documentation (also available from the help plug-ins) is available here.
<p>Click on the screen shots below for a full-size image.
Click on the Help links to read the help on-line.
<table border="1">
<td><font size="+2"><a href="documentation/">PTP Help</a></font>
<tr><td>PTP Runtime Perspective<br>
<a href="documentation/images/runtime_perspective_col_ann.png">
<img src="documentation/images/runtime_perspective_col_ann_small.png">
</td><td>PTP Debug Perspective<br>
<a href="documentation/images/debug_perspective_col_ann.png">
<img src="documentation/images/debug_perspective_col_ann_small.png">
<td><font size="+2"><a href="documentation/">PTP MPI Development Tools Help</a></font>
<tr><td>MPI Development Tools<br>
<a href="documentation/images/ptp-mpi-help2.gif">
<img src="documentation/images/ptp-mpi-help2_small.gif">
<h2>Other PTP Information:</h2>
<li>Whitepaper written by
Greg Watson and Craig Rasmussen,
<a href="">
A Strategy for Addressing the Needs of Advanced Scientific Computing Using Eclipse as a Parallel Tools Platform