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<h2>Add Possibility to Disable Shutdown Request</h2>
In certain circumstances it is required to prevent the execution of sendShutdown/sendBeacon, e.g.
when HTTP 302/303 redirects are intercepted and handled manually.<br/><br/>
This can be configured within the <code>ApplicationConfiguration</code> by setting an additional
string property:<br/>
Map<String, String> properties = new HashMap<String, String>();
properties.put( WebClient.DISABLE_SHUTDOWN_REQUEST, "true" );
application.addEntryPoint( "/", Demo.class, properties );
<h2>Support for MenuItem Tooltip Text</h2>
New API has been added to support adding tooltip text to <code>MenuItem</code>. If tooltip with
HTML markup is used, <code>RWT.TOOLTIP_MARKUP_ENABLED</code> must be set as data on the item as
<h2>Mouse Wheel Scroll Direction</h2>
With the new <code>count</code> property it is now possible to determine the mouse wheel scroll
direction by its sign. It is set for <code>MouseDown</code>, <code>MouseUp</code>,
<code>MouseDoubleClick</code>, and <code>MouseWheel</code> client scripting events.