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- Frank Appel
- Jordi Böhme
- Rüdiger Herrmann
- Jochen Krause
- Benjamin Muskalla
- Ralf Sternberg
IP Issues:
# name including version
# IPzilla # of entry providing legal clearance for inclusion
# directory location or jar file
# license name and version (including any licenses related to embedded third party software)
# usage (e.g. modified/unmodified, source, object, derivative work, entire package or which subset)
Third Party Packages:
- qooxdoo 0.7 (rev 9276), #1192,, EPL/LGPL, package subset
Contribution Questionnaires Reviews for Source Contributions Distributed under EPL
Old style. Prior to IPZilla tracking. These "EMO approved" status were based on email from EMO to the project lead, Jochen Krause
Contributor Committer Bugzilla number Description Status License
Frank Appel Frank Appel #152136 att46944 Initial contribution EMO approved 2006-09-01 EPL