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<h2>Performance Improvements</h2>
Already in RAP 3.0, we've
<a href="">improved the performance</a>
by optimizing the change detection.
Now we've gone even further and introduced a new mechanism called <em>preserve-on-demand</em>
that tracks changes to common widget properties and avoids data comparisons entirely for
those properties that haven't been touched in the process of a request.
With these changes, the server load and average response times in our load tests have
again dropped significantly compared to RAP 3.0.
<h2>FileDialog for dropped files</h2>
When files are dragged from the desktop and then dropped on a RAP widget, it's now possible to
add these dropped files to a FileDialog in order to display upload progress and ask the user
for confirmation.
Thanks go out to Hannes Erven who contributed
<a href="">this feature</a>.
<h2>Support for alpha in Color</h2>
Support for alpha in Color has been added to SWT in Mars. As RAP client supports RGBA natively,
in this milestone we added the missing API:
<li><code>RGBA</code> class</li>
<li>constructor <code>Color(Device, RGBA)</code></li>
<li>constructor <code>Color(Device, RGB, int)</code></li>
<li>constructor <code>Color(Device, int, int, int, int)</code></li>
<h2>Support for Microsoft Edge Browser</h2>