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<plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns=""
xmlns:html="" name="Riena">
<release projectid="rt.riena" version="4.0" />
This plan describes the work for Riena 4.0.0, which is planned for Jun 2012 (Juno release train).
Riena 4.0. is a major release. One of the targets is to make Riena ready to run on top of e4.
Riena 4.0 only runs on Eclipse 3.x and not yet on Eclipse 4.x. For that reason it is not in the composite repository of Juno but is only delivered in its own p2 repo.
Main deliverable is bug fixing, stabalizing, reducing the number of P2 bugs in bugzilla.
Riena plans on delivering milestone on the following schedule:
<milestone date="August 19, 2011" milestone="M1"></milestone>
<milestone date="September 30, 2011" milestone="M2"></milestone>
<milestone date="November 11, 2011" milestone="M3"></milestone>
<milestone date="December 16, 2011" milestone="M4"></milestone>
<milestone date="February 3, 2012" milestone="M5"></milestone>
<milestone date="March 23, 2012" milestone="M6"><html:div>(API Freeze)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="May 11, 2012" milestone="M7"><html:div>(Feature Freeze)</html:div></milestone>
RAP 1.5 will be released on June 27, 2011, together with Eclipse Juno.
Riena's target environments are:
<html:li>Eclipse-based RCP/3.8 Applications</html:li>
<html:li>Eclipse-based RAP(Web) Applications</html:li>
<html:li>Equinox-Based Runtimes (e.g. Equinox servers)
<html:div>Riena uses Eclipse internationalization support whereever it applies for its own components
Riena's APIs are currently stable. We intend to improve and break few APIs on the way to the 4.0 release.
API are considered all exported packages that are not marked as
in their Export-Package declaration.